Fairytale Of New York

Still trying to get into that festive vibe – apparently watching Saw V will not achieve that! Who knew?

Presents wrapped and under the fake tree. The imitation fire is roaring and we’ve just watched the 20 Greatest Moments of Star Wars followed by the Robot Chicken Christmas Special: The X-Mas United which didn’t really help as we may have continued watching Saw! And the alcohol is flowing.

So let’s give another festive tune a go. Depending on my mood this track is my favourite, or second favourite, Christmas song. For me like many other people, this is probably the only track by The Pogues you will know. I think I like this one so much due to it being gritty and not so sickly sweet and jolly like most of the other festive releases. Also I have a soft spot for New York, one day I’ll make it there for Christmas.

To date it has been released 13 times in the UK and it has never reached the number one slot, peaking at number two on its debut release in 1987. Bizarrely the BBC briefly insisted on an edited song to be aired 20 years after its initial release due to some of the language used. That lasted about 24 hours.

Well time to go as its nearly Christmas Day and I don’t really want the Krampus visiting.