The Death March

Around this time next Sunday myself and two friends should be ensconced inside the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs having partaken in our VIP Trooper beers and spent too many dollars on merchandise.

Opening up for Iron Maiden on the entirety of their Book of Souls world tour is little known London band The Raven Age. As I’ve never heard anything by this young five piece, so I thought I’d see what they had on offer via Spotify and I am currently listening to their self titled EP released almost two years ago now.

Their own websites describes them as a band that combines contemporary heavy music with powerful melodic vocals to create a dramatic and unique sound. From listening to the 18 minutes currently on offer I’d agree with part of that statement. Unique? Not at all. They come across more like the cleanly sung parts of later era Trivium or very similar to Bullet For My Valentine. They do appear to be very competent though and I will most definitely be checking the band out before next weeks main course.