The Shrine


Day three of my week off commences in all the dust and grime floating around the house after the aged and tired looking bathroom suite was removed yesterday. I have a fantastic pile of rubbish outside awaiting the arrival of a skip, I’ll be more intrigued to see who else covertly uses the receptacle under the cover of darkness tonight! There’s a builder and a plumber buzzing around the house now and the power is briefly turned off, so time to crank up the iPod and blast out another thrash metal gem from the British Isles. 

Much like the afore mentioned D.A.M. and Xentrix in an earlier post Toranaga are another band from the 80’s who dipped a toe into the following decade before calling it quits. A reunion of sorts followed and they have been off the radar again since 2015. 

I’m pretty sure they never graced a stage in the Potteries and my only time seeing them live was during 2014’s Hammerfest event where they were billed as The Bastard Sons of Toranaga – but by all intents and purposes it was Toranaga. For some reason the band passed me by in my informative years, I think I was expecting something a lot more grindy if I was judging a book by its cover. 

The Bradford band released their debut album on Peaceville Records in 1988 before the follow up album surfaced on Chrysalis in another major label search for thrash metal bands to rival the popularity wave crossing the Atlantic. 

I don’t think these guys ever got the breaks that some of their peers did at the time. Looking through old gig flyers from that six year golden period in the UK, their logo doesn’t appear to be on as many of the more prestigious tours compared to some bands. 

Since their split in 1992 there was an unproductive reunion at the turn of the century, then again in 2010 which resulted in their third album Righteous Retribution in 2013, which I have to say is a pretty damn fine album for a band who have been inactive for so long. Three of the recording line up were members when the initial split in ’92 occurred which is pretty impressive when it’s compared to the lack of members contained in some bands reliving their teenage years. 

The Shrine is from the second album God’s Gift which has garnered a deluxe reissue through Divebomb Records in 2013 with four extra tracks and some expanded liner notes and an interview. I’m not sure if I have the original discs upstairs, but it’s currently too filthy to satisfy my curiosity.