Right time to get ready for this evenings second semi final match. Tonight are footballing heavy weights France, the tournament hosts, vs Germany. First up today for the blog representing Les Bleus are Parisians Trust.

Apparently they were pretty big in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but my only connection to the band is the two covers that Anthrax have recorded. Les Sects that can be found on the Penikufesin 12″ and this track, Antisocial, which was featured on their Persistence of Time album. Both songs were featured in the French bands 1980 album Répression.

Since Anthrax recorded the track in 1990 it has, annoyingly, been a staple in their live set. It’s OK dusting it off every couple of tour cycles, but in the 20 plus times of seeing them live I think I’ve only not seen them perform it once, and that was during their first of two sets at Sonisphere 2014 when they did an Among The Living special set. I have at least another two dates with Anthrax in 2016 so luckily for me I get to see them do this twice more. This song is such an oxymoron for me, It’s a great live sing-a-long song and goes down a storm in every country I’ve seen them play it live, but constantly for nearly a quarter of a century gets frustrating.

There is also a link between Trust and Iron Maiden. Nicko McBrain played for the band between 1980 and 1982 and recorded Marche Ou Crève and Savage with the band. When he was offered the gig with Maiden Trust replaced him with out going Maiden drummer Clive Burr for a year and he recorded a further two albums with them. It was such a different time back then when bands churned out an album almost annually, sometimes two in a year.

Sorry for rambling on about two other bands, but I really don’t know anything else about Trust. Enjoy the French take on the British New Wave of Heavy Metal sound.