Jazz Hammer

You know what they say – better late than never.

Today should have been my fifth day off work out of eight days, instead it will be my third consecutive day in work this week – at least I’m off on Saturday. 

The week got off to a bit of an auspicious start. If anyone was a regular reader they’d have known it was my wedding anniversary last weekend. To “celebrate” we decided to have a few days in fabulous Blackpool. 

From our house it’s a 70 mile / 80 minute drive away, handy for us as we think Ozymandias may get travel sick. It’s an easy drive and convenient to stop if the hound gets a bit green around the gills. 

We hadn’t been in the town for long until we glanced at each other with that knowing look of “can we go home already”. Stoke is admittedly a run down area, but when the three main industries of coal, steel and pottery have dwindled away over time and never replaced the area will become neglected. Considering Blackpool’s predominate industry has always been tourism for well over a century the place isn’t very pretty on the eye and seemingly populated with people with a penchant for super strong lager and zero work ethic and the rest slowly traversing the streets with their mobility scooters. 

I believe the last time I spent more than 24 hours in the place was probably 1980. Since then I think I’ve had two day trips there and been to two football matches at Bloomfield Road. If it’s a further 36 years until my next sojourn to the place it’ll be 36 years too soon. 

We headed home on Tuesday and we were both back to the grind stone on Wednesday. Three days at work then one of those proper two day weekends that real jobs offer to finish off the week. 
This evening I should be attending Tussk’s record release gig for their self titled EP and also their last ever show being held at the Sugarmill in Stoke on Trent – ironically it will be my first time seeing the band. For some reason they’ve never been on my radar and unintentionally I’ve given their local shows a wide berth when they’ve played. I don’t think they’ve even been on a bill that I have attended and arrived late and simply missed them. They just seem to have been swimming in a different pool to myself. 


Obviously I’ve not heard anything from Tussk prior to deciding to head off to the show later. A quick play around on YouTube where there are several videos has now made me regret not looking into them earlier. They play dirty rock ‘n’ roll not too dissimilar to a band like the ever increasing popular Black Spiders or Buffalo’s Everytime I Die. Bordering on parts on that southern rock sound, but not quite embracing it completely. I have only heard three tracks so later on I could be in for a real surprise. 

I’ve picked this video just because I like the name Jazz Hammer! It’s taken from their 2014 single Par T. Animal and you can name your price for it and snag a digital copy of it from their  Band camp site