Live Arena 2016.14

Back home and looking forward to making a few decisions on some gig participation this week. 

First up this week should have seen me attending a Repulsion show in Manchester which has now been cancelled. I passed up the chance to see Laibach in London on the same night, now it’s too expensive to train down to the capital. 


I could be off to see Udo Dirkschneider in Manchester with Canadian band Anvil. Heir Dirkschneider is performing a two hour set of metal classics by his previous band Accept. 

Failing a trip to Manchester I might slide on down to Stoke town for a few hours of grind, crust and power violence supplied by Wojczech from Germany, local act Krupskaya and Nothing Clean from Leicester. Could be fun for a few quid. 

Under consideration for tonight, but pretty unlikely I’ll go is Japan’s Shonen Knife, an all girl pop punk trio. I’ve not listened to them for such a long time or indeed ever seen them. A band brought to the public’s attention by Nirvana. 



The weekend begins with a further dilemma. One city, Liverpool. Two choices. 

Option A – an evening of up and coming thrash metal headlined by Desolator in the back room of a pizza shop. 

Option B – sees local punk legends Discharge playing around the corner from the pizza shop. 


The annual record store day sees the weekend off with a show by one of the two bands that I missed in the previous three days. 

Discharge head down the M6 to play in Birmingham. Originally Deviated Instinct were on the bill, but they recently cancelled. And Anthrax are also supporting, the British punk band Anthrax, not Scott Ian’s thrash metal over lords. 

Or I can head west into Wales to catch up with the retro 80’s metal fest of the Dirkschneider and Anvil tour.