We’ve Got A Situation Here

Which other extra curricular band to pick for Anthrax?
For me the obvious one was SOD. The band have played the instrumental March Of The SOD in their set on this tour, and Anthrax members Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and early bass played Dan Lilker formed SOD, but without a bit more explanation regarding SOD that will have to wait.

Lilker and John Connelley, who was vocalist in an early incarnation, are now bringing the career of Nuclear Assault to an end.

Current bass player Frank Bello was in Helmet for a few years, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t record anything with them.

Rob Cagganio left to join Danes Volbeat full time and his replacement Jonathan Donais was in  metalcore band Shadows Fall.

Vocalist Joey Belladonna released a few albums under the monicker of Belladonna. Taking the reigns for 14 years or so in two stints was Armoured Saint frontman John Bush. And being completely tenuous vocalist on the Fistful Of Metal release, Neil Turbin, had a disastrous few weeks as frontman for British thrashers Onslaught on their U.S. Tour last year.

I’ve gone back to Scott Ian. His current side project Motor Sister hit the UK in early 2016 so they can wait. Instead it’s supergroup The Damned Things.

At the time they featured two Anthrax members (Ian alongside Cagganio) Keith Buckley and Josh Newton both of Everytime I Die and two members of punk pop band Fall Out Boy – Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman.

In their short career they released one album in 2010, Ironiclast, and played a bunch of shows. I saw them at their last UK appearance at the Download Festival in 2011. On paper mixing Anthrax and Everytime I Die with Fallout Boy shouldn’t work, but up on stage they were great fun.