Double Vision

This time next week I should be hauling my hopefully not too broken body back home after a day standing around in Eindhoven’s Ijssportcentrum and fingers crossed I’m not whining about being wet during the festival on the return trip (please no rain). 

I missed out on the iconic Dynamo Open Air Festival held between 1986 and 2008 in various locations and guises. Like many festival of the time – take the evolution of Monster of Rock as an example, for better or worse – it went from a one day one stage event to multiple stages eventually spread over numerous days. 

Now Dynamo Metal Festival has been back at it’s iconic ice rink venue with eight or nine bands on a single stage. No fear of clashes, no hikes between stages and all for the lowly sum of €20. I think I can see Toxik and Prong during their respective UK headline shows in a couple of weeks for less or a similar price, but from the other bands I’d pay to see they’re the only ones that would sneak under the £17 equivalent. An absolute bargain. 

I missed the inaugural event in 2015, mainly because I’d already made the decision to trot off to Dublin with my wife over the same weekend, Nuclear Assault, who were allegedly on their last European trek, played the come back festival alongside Bio-Hazard and Death Angel (they also played Ireland’s capital city the day after. What a coincidence!) Monday morning straight after the debut weekend had finished and the Jupiler induced hangovers had barely subsided, Sacred Reich were announced and early bird tickets went on sale for €15 and I snagged a trio of tickets from my Dublin hotel room. 

Last year I took my wife to Amsterdam for a few days to celebrate her birthday. Due to the fact that we were holed up more than 80 miles from the festival and two thirds of the travelling party like to sleep in on the weekend, we unfortunate missed the first couple of bands. I think we may have caught the end of Audrey Horne or Textures, but we were definitely in there for Phil Rind’s Arizonan troupe. 

This year we are down to two and again flying into Schiphol airport, but a day earlier, so after the pre party shenanigans with Toxik in the Dynamo Club (my first gig in the iconic Dutch venue) the evening before we’ll only have a short train trip from Tilburg to Eindhoven and this year the shuttle bus location won’t throw us off our game, and with a bit of luck we should be there to see the battle of the bands winner White Boy Wasted. 

I knew nothing about these North Brabant natives until I checked them out on Facebook. Speedrock seems to be the musical tag designated to them and listening to the two tracks I found on YouTube of course they’re from Eindhoven RockCity and have a healthy injection of the recently departed Eindhoven band Peter Pan Speedrock (which I recently found out is no bad thing) and Motörhead in their sound. 

They haven’t been together for long and have supported a mixed array of bands from Wednesday 13 to Suicidal Angels in their short lifetime. This coming weekend marks the releases of the debut single Double Vision (limited to 200 copies on clear vinyl via Light Town Fidelity) which definitely isn’t a cover version of the Forigner track, and we’re all invited to their record release party!