Now that the grindcore is almost out of the way I’m now turning my attentions to the (possible) hardcore show in London on Saturday. 

The Together Festival is trundling its way through Europe to its final destination of the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town. 

I bought my ticket on the day it was announced as I’ve been listening to Connecticut straight edge hardcore band Youth of Today for more than twenty five years. Unfortunately I missed their original run when they were playing venues like Liverpool’s Planet X in the late 80’s, before they split in 1990. They’ve split and regrouped several times since, but I can’t recall them ever venturing to these shores in all that time I’ve been into them. Youth Of Today playing a U.K. show along with American Nightmare, Trash Talk and Wolf Down was a no brainier. Obviously it’s in London, but it’s a Saturday evening – unlike last years that was a Sunday.  And there lies my dilemma. 

I booked a ticket expecting a relatively decent timed train home. During the week I can leave Euston at 11pm,even in a Sunday too. On a Saturday the last train north leaves London at 9pm. The band I really want to see hit the boards at 8:45 and I’m fifteen minutes from the train station. Another travel option is the thirty four mile drive to Wolverhampton and jump on a train there. Last one back to the Black Country leaves at 9:43, so I’d get 45 minutes of their set if I took up that option. There’s a later option via Derby, but that involves almost four hours on a rail replacement coach due to engineering works. 

Just to make my decision tougher here’s a live video of the track Disengage recorded last year at the This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia. It was released on Revelation Records as a CD and 7″ single in 1990 and was the first thing I purchased by the band.